Sung Eucharist with robed choir.

We share food physical and spiritual, with refreshments and teaching for adults and children.

Contemporary worship. A chance to respond in action and song.


Come to whichever parts of the morning will help you best engage with God and his community.

What’s in the name All Saints Always?

It recognises that as a family we need to regularly eat, chat and learn together but that we also have different tastes and there might be a variety of ways in which they are met. It also crucially recognises that in God’s great plan we are all saints all of the time, All Saints Always.

Five years ago when I was appointed vicar of All Saints I vowed to honour the fantastic musical tradition of the church while embracing the best of modern worship. So far we have strived to achieve this through a varied pattern of services and we now feel it’s time to take this one step further with All Saints Always.

You are invited to dip in and out as suits you. You may arrive each week for the 9.15am Eucharist and stay for food and a chat and teaching and then leave. Conversely you may arrive to wake up with a coffee at 10am and enjoy the time of teaching and worship until 11.30am. You may wish to spend all morning with us but don’t forget to get someone else to cook your dinner!

Mike Powis, Priest in Charge