Welcoming volunteers

We welcome the involvement of people in the life of our church and recognise the added value that volunteers bring to our community. We want to support our volunteers to grow in faith and help to provide support and guidance both spiritually and practically to ensure they are enriching their life through their support for the church.

In supporting our volunteers we will consider the following

  • We will support volunteers with opportunities to develop and get more understanding of the work of the church as necessary
  • We will work to support volunteers to match their skills and interest to those of the church
  • We will be clear about the volunteer’s role and their boundaries and if necessary, have clear role description
  • We will ensure that we are flexible in our approach to volunteers understanding that the time they give is valuable and they may have other commitments which take priority
  • We will provide some introduction and support for volunteers when they start their role with us, through a buddy scheme or similar
  • We will listen to any concerns raised by volunteers and act promptly as appropriate
  • We will create an environment of openness and encourage new approaches to work, taking all comments and suggestions seriously
  • Reimburse appropriate and relevant travel expenses with prior approval
  • Review and update this statement at least annually

In return we expect our volunteers to

  •  Respect the aims and vision for the church and work towards the delivery of this
  • Not share confidential information with third parties and respect any confidential issues shared with them
  • Highlight any issues swiftly so they can resolved appropriately
  • Fulfil their agreed commitments to the church and ensure that the church wardens are informed if there are any problems with this

If you are interesting in giving any of your time to the church, please contact the church office on allsaintschurch2@gmail.com