This is an unusual position we find ourselves in.  As we’re not able to meet face to face together during the week and on Sundays we need a central place to communicate with everyone, and here we are!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a regular at All Saints or looking for some hope at this time, we will keep you updated with news, how we can help each other and ways you can get in touch.

Happy Easter everyone!  Join us at 9.30. The words will be on the screen and we’d encourage you to prepare your own bread and wine (or non-alcoholic substitute) so we can share communion.

Easter Day special “sing resurrection” at 10am.  We’re joining with Christians everywhere to sing see:

Having trouble with YouTube?  Not on the internet?  Please ring a local number 01202 037 036 at 9.30 and you can listen instead.  Note this is not a freephone number, so check your call package.  If you know someone that isn’t on the internet, please let them know this number.

If you’re already on Facebook, general updates and events will appear on our page, like our page and you will see these on your timeline.  Follow the link below:

If you’re a regular at All Saints, please join our Facebook Group.  Here we can support and encourage one another. To join, follow the link at:

If you need help joining Facebook, let us know.  If you need urgent help or prayer, our main page has contact numbers for our Clergy: